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OK...Here we go...I went to the Coast Dental in Duluth, and Was told that they require ALL patients to be screened for Oral Cancer. This was not covered under my insurance, and I had to pay $31 for them to shine a light on my teeth and tell me that it looks good, no cancer.

While I was glad I did not have oral cancer, the cancer that the staff spread is contagious. I was told that I needed over $25K of dental work to fix my teeth and that did not include the $9K for a oral surgeon to extract 7 molars. They spent more time telling me about the cost and patient options on how to finance it over a 6 month period. My insurance covers cleaning twice a year for $0, but they told me that my cleaning need to be more invasive and that it was going to be $124 to have my teeth cleaned and for my "TAKE HOME PRODUCTS" (What TAKE HOME PRODUCTS..A Sucker, Toothbrush, Floss and some Whitening Gel?) For $25K I could go and have all my teeth pulled and have Golden Dentures.

I used my cell phone to record the visit and sales pitch from the staff. I felt like I was at a Car Lot with a pushy salesman. I have shared all my information and video with the State Medical Board for Dentistry, the BBB, Medicare, Aetna Dental, Georgia State Medicaid, Channel 2 News (ABC) Fox News (Atlanta) GBI, FBI, and online on YouTube and Facebook. My partner and I felt dirty and very upset when we left.

Talk about getting screw, with no courtesy of a reach around. You have Lost your mind if you even consider taking a chance with them.

The only thing good that came out of this was the basket of free toothpaste in the bathroom on the back of the toilet in the patients bathroom. WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779887

What moved you to go to a corporate dental chain clinic to start with? What made you think you might be treated honestly there?

The pressure for an oral cancer screen of dubious value is a common ploy to increase revenues.

Next time, seek a dentist that owns the practice in which he works and has a vested interest in patient satisfaction.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #654746

Same experience except my cancer screening cost $79..the "estimate for my cleaning was first $860.00. Then they applied discounts and it dropped to $663.99.

I just kept edging to the door to escape the "do it now apply for this loan"

Will not return. :eek

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