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I am seeking a refund for unsatisfactory orthodontic care for my son's teeth. He's been with Smilecare for 3 years (started in July 2013) , but has been seen less than 15 times.

His brackets were repositioned twice, resulting in lopsided teeth. The last time his brackets were repostioned was in March 2016 by Dr. Shamlian. A week later, his teeth were lopsided and a big gap opened up in the front.

This is happening and yet, he is supposed to get his braces off in a few months. I asked the doctor to correct this and she became upset. Dr. Shamlian refused to continue care with my son and directed me to contact Smilecare Corporate Office to seek a full refund.

She indicated that she no longer wanted to work with us. Therefore, I sought a refund but now Smilecare is avoiding my calls, my inquiries, and brushing me off. I already sought a second opinion and my son is under the care of another orthodontist now. Although I am having to paid for new orthodontic care, it is better than being treated badly at Smilecare and the doctor doesn't explain anything and just wants her patients to trust her without questions.

Although she indicated it could be 1 to 2 more years for my son but cannot give me a time. I shared that my son has had the braces for 3 years already and cannot be wearing it for 1-2 more years, especially since the appointments are 2-3 months apart. So if the doctor cannot give me a timeline, and is refusing to continue care then my only option is to seek the care of another orthodontist. Dr.

Shamlian has destroyed my trust in her for providing care to my son by refusing to continue care with him. The office manager talked to her and convinced her to continue care, but they are demanding that I not say anything or express any concern when I see that there is no progress and when I see my son's teeth only getting worse. They have already destroyed my trust in their office, and more so, they've destroyed my son's trust in them. So my only option is to seek a refund so I may apply it towards orthodontic care from another orthodontist.

Yet, Smilecare would not give me the necessary paperwork to transfer my son, so I had to start as a new case at Unique Orthodontics for him. They continue to give me the run around and act like they do not know what's going on with my refund request. I am seeking remediation in the amount it will cost for my son to receive care at the new orthodontic office. I also want a copy of all my son's appointments, information about what was performed, and copies of his medical records.

I am very disappointed and regret having come here so much. It wasted time for my son and me, wasted money, and destroyed our trust in the doctor. But I do not believe all orthodontic offices are like this. This is just a very bad business and they do not care about their customers.

They are only open on Thursdays (one day a week). How do they expect to provide adequate and quality care to their patients? I did not know about this until I had already paid for my son's treatment in full on the first day I took him there, and I had already signed the contract. If I had known they only open once a week, I would not have gotten myself into this mess.

Appointments are extremely crowded and wait times are between 2-3 hours. I do not advise anyone to go to Smilecare if you love your child, and want quality patient care for him/her.

This place does not care about their patients at all, especially if they have already paid in full like I did.

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $2959. The author is overall dissatisfied with Coast Dental and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about coast dental dental braces from Coast Dental was patient care, customer service and long wait times , but reviewer liked office staff. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Fresno, California, United States #1204501

I was given a full refund so I am satisfied with the turnout!

Fresno, California, United States #1204500

I am happy that my case has been resolved!

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